General information

Is it safe to buy online?

It is 100{411e3cfe5a647a0821dee120a027de247bfcefc92cfa001534456e20a1cbd4e9} safe to buy from us because the safety of our customers is one of our top priorities.

How quickly will I receive my parcel after ordering?

If you are in Europe, the delivery time is a maximum of 3 days after your order.

How can I be sure that I will receive my order?

We are actually in a stage of our business to build up our customer base, we will do everything to gain the trust of customers so that we can build and keep a good and long-term business relationship with our customers. So we will always give our customers the best, the package will always arrive on time if there is any delay we will notify you.

Will I get exactly the quality that can be seen in the pictures?

We only sell high quality marijuana so you have nothing to fear when it comes to quality, we can assure all our customers that they will be satisfied with the quality of our products.

How do I pay for my order?

After you have placed your order, you will receive an email from us with your chosen payment methods. All you have to do is make the payment and send us the proof of payment. As soon as we receive the proof of payment, we will start processing your order and send you a tracking number for your order within a few hours.

Do I get a tracking number?

Yes, we provide a tracking number for all orders.